Five Ways to Get Guests Excited About Wedding Favors

The rush of excitement is real when you’re a guest at a wedding and see a little wedding favor, wrapped up like a little gift and placed at your table setting during the reception. You open up the little treat, and it’s a pack of mints. NEAT.

If your guests aren’t excited about your wedding favors, you’ll have spent precious time and money on them… only for them to likely be left behind when the celebration is over. Then you’ll be left trying to pawn them off on unsuspecting relatives and random strangers.

But with careful planning and a little imagination, your wedding favors can be more than an afterthought! Here are five ways you can get your guests excited about your wedding favors.

Give Them Something They Can Actually Use

Not that I have anything against little mints or a little bag of Jordan Almonds (I don’t, I love them both. One gives me breath of an angel, and the other is a tasty treat I can leave in my car for a long commute), but what if you gave them something they could actually use?

I gave each of my guests a canvas grocery bag that had “totes got married” printed on them. You can find similar favors online, but DIY-ing 150 bags cost only 50 cent apiece and about two months of very leisurely crafting. Not everyone took one, but a majority of guests did because saving the planet is cool. Plus, I can still use them. I will never have to buy another reusable grocery bag again, and that is pretty neat


Think About Placement

Just because it’s tradition doesn’t mean that you have to put a favor at each place setting. Think about other ways to distribute your favors.. Doing this means guests can take it if they want, but no pressure if they don’t.

It’s becoming more common for brides to set up a cute table near the reception exit to showcase all the goodies. One of the benefits of this is that you don’t need to buy one a favor for each person!

I was at a wedding where the bride decided to put her favors by the front door so guests could take them on the way out. They had treats for humans and treats for pups. As I do not have a dog, I just took the human treat!


Have An Activity to Go Along With It

I went to a wedding that had cool sunglasses with the couples’ names on it. BUT, the only way you could get them was if you took a picture in the photo booth and signed their wedding book. Let me tell you, those glasses were a hot commodity and there were none left by the end of the wedding. I still have my pair of Curt+Erica glasses in my closet, just in case I need to root them on.


Make A Donation In Their Name

Are you and your spouse-to-be super into a charity or cause? Instead of buying favors for each guest, think about donating that money to a charity that means something to you instead! This is great because guests will feel good knowing that the money you would’ve used went to a good cause.

To let guests know you’d made a donation in their honor, place a small card at each table setting that says what charity the money went to, or have it printed on the bottom of the menu if you are having a seated meal.


Forgo the Gift All Together

Honestly, you already paid anywhere from $50-$100 to have each guest there. Even though you may think a favor is totally necessary, let me just say: as a guest, a bride and a coordinator, I do not think they are a must! I have never been to a wedding and thought, “Dang, where are my jordan almonds?!” As a guest, we are just excited to be invited to your event and love seeing the love between the newlyweds.

Forgo the wedding favor. I have given you my permission.