Maid of Honor: Roles + Duties

Your best friend is betrothed and she asked you to be her maid of honor with the cutest bridesmaid proposal box. Now you *officially* get to be her right-hand lady and help her with all her wedding needs. SO EXCITING --- Also, a little daunting.

There are lots of hats that the maid of honor wears. In some instances,  she may help pick out the bridesmaids dresses, or is there when the bride finds the dress of her dreams, and she may also wrangle the bridal party together for different activities -- this is something to discuss with your bestie to see how involved she’d like you to be. Along with all those typical duties, there are some important roles that you don’t want to forget:

Before the Big Day

Host / Co-Host a Wedding Shower

Planning a wedding shower is so fun! Of course, you do not have to plan this entire thing yourself. Get the bridesmaids involved to help you out -- this will be a great way to bond with the rest of the wedding party.

Some fun themes I’ve been enjoying are:

  • Brunch and Bubbly: Mimosa lovers unite!

  • Falling In Love: Hello, Pumpkin Spiced Everything.

  • Traveling from Miss to Mrs: for those wanderlust travelers

Plan the Bachelorette Party

Same with wedding shower, you do not have to plan this yourself! This can be a joint effort, but be the initiator of the conversation! Ask the bride-to-be what she wants in a bachelorette party and go from there.

Wedding Day


Grab some bagels, orange juice, and bubbly -- YOUR BEST FRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED TODAY! Be her hype woman and make sure she’s feeling great and beautiful today!

Make an Emergency Kit

Think about making a little emergency kit in case the bride needs something. Things that should be included: safety pins, Tide To-Go pen, Advil, Tums, some bandaids, and maybe those comfortable shoes she says she “doesn’t need” because she wants to wear her heels all night.

Keep the Grooms Ring Safe

This important role may be given to you, or the Best Man may have both the rings. Either way, make sure this is sorted out before the ceremony.

Prepare a Speech

Please don’t wing it. I know it sounds like a good idea, but maybe prepare SOMETHING!! Usually, a speech should be around 5 minutes. Talk to your bestie beforehand to see if she has any stories she wants you to include (or definitely does not added). There’s lots of good advice that can be found online to come up with the *perfect speech*, but my ONE piece of advice is PLEASE DO NOT SAY “Hi, I am Kelsey. For those who do not know me ….”


Just say your name and your relationship. People that don’t know you will figure it out, I promise.

Bustle that Train

If the bride is bustling her train for the reception, go with her to her last dress fitting and record how the seamstress bustles the train. This will be your lifesaver. Bustling a dress is difficult, so give yourself enough time to do this on the wedding day.

After the Big Day

Make Sure All the Gifts and Decorations are Safe and Sound

This may not be your job specifically, but make sure the couple has someone picked out to take down all the decorations, and bring those and all the gifts back to the couples house safely.

Hot Tip: If the couple wants to take the cake home, make sure you stick it in the fridge/ freezer (my mother brought my gifts and decorations home… and left the cake on the floor -- luckily my cats were not interested in it)