Bridal Party Proposal: $20 Box Challenge

Your fiance of your dreams proposed to you -- super magical and meaningful!


It’s time for you to propose to your tribe! You also want it to be magical and meaningful just like your proposal (because they are your best friends, obviously). So how do you ask them to be part of your special day? 

There’s lots of fun things on Pinterest that would be meaningful and fun -- but holy moly they can get expensive! How many “Bridesmaid 2020” mugs is too many? Do your bridesmaids need 5 hair ties to help you “tie the knot” (honestly maybe… I go through go hair ties like there’s no tomorrow) -- but not for those crazy prices.

Whether you have 2 bridesmaids or 30 (please don’t have 30… that’s way too many), here is a proposal box that doesn’t break the bank and is full of useful things that your tribe will love!


Proposal Box

First things first, skip the gift box section. At Target, these suckers can run for something like four or five dollars? Woah. I got this Kraft Box Photobox from Michael’s. It’s basically the same thing as a gift box, but it costs less than three dollars. While I was at Michaels, I also picked up some shredded paper.

Next is all the goodies! The champagne glass is from Walmart. I used my Cricut to personalize it (is that cheating in my $20 proposal box challenge?). Marshall’s is one of my favorite places to get candles. They have so many fun smells, they are always getting new stock in, and they never break the bank -- even the giant candles are around $12.  For the chocolates and succulent, I went to Trader Joes. They have so many yummy snacks and pretty much always have a good succulent section. And last was the mini champagne bottle. I picked them up from my local grocery. Cupcake Champagne tastes like pure goodness, but don’t let me sway you :)


So, just for cost purposes, here is some math for you:

PhotoBox: $2.66
Shredded Paper: $1.50
Champagne Glass: $2.00
Candle: $4.00
Chocolate: $2.00
Succulent: $2.00
Champagne: $3.50
Total: $17.66