You're Engaged: Now What?

You just got engaged to the person of your dreams! CONGRATULATIONS!! There’s a million and one details to plan, but where do you start? I drafted up a short list to help you get started without getting overwhelmed. It’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement but remember: enjoy this beautiful time now.

Photography by Kristin Vermilya

Photography by Kristin Vermilya

Let All Your Inner Circle Know

This is such an exciting time for the two of you! Before posting the big news on social media, make sure to take some time and share it with the people that mean the most to you. Though it would be great to tell them in person, over the phone works too. After you’ve let your besties, parents, siblings, and all the other people in your inner circle know, go share it with your 500+ facebook friends and Insta followers so you can celebrate with them too.

Pick A Season

Picking a season is your first step in locking down a date! Do your wedding dreams include kissing under a snowfall? Or does it include beautiful red hues of the fall trees? Chat about it with your partner to see what suits you two best!

Hire A Planner

Though you can hire a wedding planner at any point during your planning process, hiring one sooner is always better! They’ve got tips and tricks up their sleeve that can make the whole process less stressful, so why not use their expertise?

Draft Your Wedding Party

Photography by Kristin Vermilya

Photography by Kristin Vermilya

Pick the people you want to celebrate every step of the wedding with. You do not have to choose right away — in fact, do not choose right away. Take some time to think about who the most important people are and who would enjoy being there with you. If you have a friend who hates weddings, hates making plans, and hates group activities, maybe think about not having them stand by your side. Some of the people who love you aren’t into the responsibilities that come with being in a wedding party — and that’s OK. Involve them as much as they want to be involved in an unofficial capacity. That way, everybody wins.

Enjoy the Time

So many couples get bogged down with wedding planning the minute they get engaged.That’s rough — particularly if your partner isn’t as pumped about vision boards and color stories as you are. You got months to decide what shade of white you want for your wedding flowers. Enjoy the time you have together, and if need be, limit talk of the wedding during date night. Instead, just pop a bottle of champagne and relax with your new fiancé!